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Critical Theory & Philosophy Online Mini-Courses

For curious minds who love to discover the hidden influences in culture, our critical theory and philosophy mini-courses offer an in-depth look into the most important minds in history.

We help participants master difficult philosophical concepts by teaching with simple language and creating a space for conversation.

Designed for working professionals with a desire to feed their mind, we offer a new mini course each month that focuses on a single author.

At the beginning of the month, participants receive an introduction to that month's author and a list of supplemental resources,

These resources include articles, podcasts, and videos to read, listen, and watch - all of which are curated to offer participants additional avenues for engagement clarifying each thinker’s contribution to philosophy.

We aim to read one central text together, and then participants can follow the rabbit trails of their curiosity to read as much or as little as they desire.

We also dig into as much of the supplemental material as we have time or interest for.

All participants are welcome to start discussions and share resources in our private Facebook group where we connect all month long.

On the last Saturday of each month, we get together for about two hours and discuss that month's thinker in a live online discussion.

By the end of the meeting, participants have a solid grasp on that thinker's major contribution to critical thought and the ways their ideas are manifested in culture.

We study thinkers in a loose chronological order so that we can trace the way ideas evolve over time.

Participants have complete access to course materials, including the recordings of all live discussions.

While we emphasize the live element and the online discussion, many participants choose to remain self-paced and work through materials on their own.

Each participant has a kind of humble intellectual curiosity and pursues knowledge with a posture of wonder.

To exercise your creative intellectual energy through studying myth, memory, time, wonder, phenomenology, existentialism, language, thought, and so much more, we invite you to join us today.


"Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher and philosophy begins in wonder."



Your Instructor

Jessica Schad Manuel
Jessica Schad Manuel

Hey, I'm Jessica Schad Manuel, Ph.D.

I'm a facilitator and guide for passionate readers and thinkers, leading the vibrant community at Book Oblivion.

I'm the person readers turn to when they crave deeper connections and insights into literature and philosophy. No dry lectures or monotonous discussions here.

I help them navigate complex texts and ideas, encouraging conversations and creativity, enabling them to engage with challenging materials in a relaxed, friendly environment.

As an entrepreneur and creator, I've honed my approach through extensive experience, guiding a diverse group of readers and thinkers from around the world in exploring the intersections of literature, philosophy, art, and rhetoric.

Currently, the primary way to engage with me and our community is through Book Oblivion's unique offerings.

If you're eager to explore the world of literature and philosophy with a group that values curiosity and intellectual growth, join us at Book Oblivion. Just reach out, and we'll introduce you to our community of avid readers and thinkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This reading group meets once a month to read and discuss each thinker. Participants can join at any time and will remain a part of the group and have full access to the materials and live discussions for as long as their subscription is active.
What if I can't meet for live discussions?
Our participants reside all over the world and many are working professionals or students with difficult schedules. The live discussions are the heart of our group because of the various backgrounds and experiences each reader brings to the table, but the discussions are not mandatory. All discussions are recorded and uploaded into the course for later viewing for all course participants.
Who is this reading group for?
Most of our participants are uniquely motivated to read and learn. Some are newly retired, and others are working professionals, college professors, administrators, business owners, graduate and undergraduate students. All walks of life are welcome. The one thing each person has in common is that they are in search of a like-minded community of readers that share a humble intellectual curiosity.
What level of prior knowledge do I need?
The materials appeal to various levels of expertise. Each thinker and their most dominant concepts are introduced for beginners. These ideas are then connected to other thinkers, especially those we've read together as a group, which appeal to intermediate philosophy students. Further reading and resources benefit advanced participants. The creative analyses and interpretations show how to apply these ideas.

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