Welcome to Book Oblivion

Surround yourselves with books and the people who read them.

Thanks for your interest in Book Oblivion Academy.

You're probably here because you love to read.

Tell me if this sounds familiar -

You just closed the book on the most satisfying story you've read in a long time - maybe it was House of Leaves - maybe it was Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

Either way, you're not quite sure what just happened and you need to talk to someone.

You call the last person who text you.

They answer.

You exchange hellos.

They say you sound different.

You tell them you just finished this really strange book.

They stop listening.


You wrap up the emotion because it makes them feel uncomfortable and move on.

You never have the chance to process your experience. You're not sure what to make of the ending. You have a ton of questions, no answers, and no one to think through it all with.

Whether you're trying to understand a complex narrative or attempting to wrap your mind around Heidegger's dasein, you need a community of people willing to join forces with you. We all do.

Reading alone is hard.

Intellectual isolation is real.

Book Oblivion was founded with the idea that we would rescue books from oblivion and return them to the center of culture and conversation.

You can read by yourself all you want, but if you want to connect with other people about what you're reading, this is for you.

We combat intellectual isolation by reading together, learning together, and growing... together.

Our community is made up of students and professors, retirees and working professionals - the one beautiful thing we all share is a humble intellectual curiosity.

And more than that, we are never satisfied.

Book Oblivion offers graduate level reading groups and online courses in literature and philosophy. We are passionate about learning in a way that makes other people feel uncomfortable.

But that's why we have each other.

If you love to read, to learn, to grow -- you are welcome to join us.

Here are three active reading groups - you can browse the reading lists and join the one that interests you most or enroll in Book Oblivion Academy and access every available online course or reading group for one low price.